MDR Block-Enstein


MDR v2 Block-Enstein Monolithic Head. Comes with custom ARP head studs and free shipping. Now includes free Block-Enstein Drag Pipe!

  • Billet 6061-T6 Aerospace Material
  • 17cc chamber stock, can be milled .150″
  • 2.707 smallest bore, 2.815 recommended all the way up to 3.00 bore
  • Highest and straightest runners available
  • Maximum Velocity and cylinder filling
  • Exhaust port shortened to reduce heat input into the head
  • Full cooling fin set with bosses for optional cooling shroud on gasoline applications
  • Gas & alcohol fuel compatible
  • O-ringed exhaust flange pad
  • 3.8″ thick 4-bolt exhaust flange
  • Dual Pattern Intake Flange fits Mikuni 38mm boot and Tillotson pattern
  • Billet O-ring sealed valve cover
  • Higher HP + higher RPM powerbands
  • Billet 1.5:1 ratio shaft roller rocker arms standard. 1.3:1 and 1.8:1
  • Rocker bar machined into head for perfect geometry and ultimate stiffness
  • Manley Automotive Racing stainless race valves 5.5mm stem for lightweight
  • 35mm intake/ 32mm exhaust
  • Comp Cams valve springs
  • Bronze valve guides
  • Accepts 14mm spark plug with clearance for thermocouple CHT sensor
  • Fully Assembled and pull start ready


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