Billet Stroker 4340 Chromoly Crankshaft


This crankshaft is machined from a solid bar of 4340 hardened Chromoly steel and will give you .175″more stroke than the stock crankshaft with far more superior strength (2.300 total stroke). When installed in a Harbor Freight Predator 212cc you will net a +.136″ stroke due to the Predator’s 55mm stroke OEM crank. You will need at minimum, our connecting rod #6265 or #6765 and a Wiseco 11132PS/17-2677 for Honda/Clone or (11132P94/17-2756 in a 212 Predator) and a 6521 HD wrist pin to run this crank. The crank is properly balanced when run with these parts. Larger pistons may require the crank to be re-balanced.

*The 11132PS or P94 pistons have a thick dome which is designed to be cut down to your engine’s deck height when using connecting rod #6265. You must cut down the top of the piston by test-installing the parts and measuring to see how much needs to be taken off.

* Now available ARC connecting rod #6765 3.525″ “Drop In” rod that does not require machining of the 11132 pistons in most applications and can be used with the 17-2677 or 17-2756 3 ring Wiseco pistons for extra ring seal… WARNING “Do Not machine the top of the 3 ring pistons”

* The rod and crank are pre-clearanced for for most cam applications but some additional machining may be required with high lift/high duration cams

*The only way a non-adjustable flywheel can be used with this crank is WITHOUT a flywheel key.

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