1.2 HEMI Roller Rockers


Rocker Arms, Roller tip for the Hemi Predator 212 from NR Racing. Machined from chromoly steel in 1.2/1 ratio.

  • Hardened roller tips and shafts
  • Dyno tested to 10,000 rpm and proven to make more horsepower
  • Utilizes stock pin and clips

Important: Always check for coil bind with these rockers. Minimum .050″ required.

Must Use DJ-1070CM (5.260″) Chromoly push rods with this application.

Like all roller rockers, may require valve cover spacer or minor grinding on valve cover for clearance.

Due to canted valve arrangement, Hemi’s may have valve to piston clearance issue with high lift cam. MINIMUM .050″ PISTON TO VALVE CLEARANCE REQUIRED!

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